Women first, for pink slips?

by | Mar 25, 2009 | Work | 0 comments

Many of you know of at least one woman that has been laid off from her job.  There were reports on different news programs that women were let go from their jobs more than the men in various companies and industries.  The women featured from Wall Street companies testified that they were more experienced and had better job performance than their male counterparts.  Some say that this is because of the good ole’ boy network.  Which I’m sure plays a huge part.  But also think that we can blame ourselves as women.

Now, don’t get your panties in a wad.  Just think about it.  When fires occur on the job we rush to put them out.   We put the fires out without anyone, especially the boss, knowing that the fire occurred.  You don’t demand credit for it publicly; just a pat on the back is good.  Now a man, on the other hand, lets everybody know that there’s a fire, who caused it, and he’s the one to put it out.  He’s looking like Superman and you’re Lois!

It is important that you get the recognition that you deserve.  Use documentation and speak up when you solve a problem or originate an idea.  When the ship is sinking, being a CEO myself, I couldn’t see throwing over board the people I know can help navigate, plan the course, and fix the boat if need be.  A good leader always drops the dead weight first because it will determine his ability to survive.  So the next time there’s a fire, let it burn a little, then show up with the hose!

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