Social networking sites are new for many people.  And someone should establish some social networking etiquette.  Tonight I was watching President Obama give his State of the Union Address.  And afterwards I watched CNN.  The reporters said that several members of Congress were on their Blackberrys twittering. 

Now, is that a good example for our children?  How often do you tell your children to pay attention in class, at church, or at a public event while the speaker is talking.  With the state of our economy, the least you can do is pay attention!  But maybe you want to be the first to make a comment about something President Obama is saying.  That’s not going to help us!  And we wonder why our children have no respect for people in positions of authority.  Our elected officials don’t show respect for our President.

I’m all for Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and others.  But people in certain high level positions should show some retraint.  I probably should have twittered this.

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