UAW Women Stay Strong!

by | Jun 4, 2009 | Work | 0 comments

A month ago, my cousin, was laid off from General Motors and she is a member of the United Auto Workers Union.  She has been working for GM for over ten years.  We had a family function and she didn’t attend.  Her brother said that she has been in a slump every since she was laid off.  He worked in the same plant on the same assembly line.  He has worked there for only a few years and has fewer qualifications.  This is another example of how the women are the first to be laid off.

I know that in my own industry, I was looked at as a woman taking a man’s job.  There is an old mindset that when a man doesn’t work; you starve the family.  A woman working is just as important as a man working in the family.  We don’t even want to mention how many single family household there are.  I don’t want to mention her name or embarass her.  I’ve been laid off from jobs in construction as well.  And I know how it feels not to know where you’re going next.  We have to continue to look inside ourselves for strength.  I also had to make an adjustment from working in an industrial environment to a commercial and corporate one.  It’s a huge adjustment; but you can do it.  The most important thing is to stay connected to coworkers, friends, and family.  Someone might know about a job for you.  Or you may need to vent, cry, or complain. It’s not healthy to shut yourself off from the world.  WDE supports you and will continue to look for career options to introduce you to.  After all, we’re stronger together!

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