This week I felt like a Wide Receiver or a Running Back.  Being in business is a lot like playing football.  Sometimes you get a “W” for win and sometimes you get an “L” for loss.  Starting this Monday I felt like the Quarterback had through me a long pass.  Well on Tuesday; I caught the ball.  And since then I’ve been running with the ball.  I dodged Linebackers everyday trying to score.  Well today, around 4:30 p.m., I scored! Touchdown!  And then I scored again at 5:10 p.m. for the extra point.  I could hear the crowd go crazy! Okay, not really.  However, I celebrated in the end zone.  There were two major proposals that I was fighting to win.  And I got both approvals at the end of business today.

I learned early in life to celebrate yourself.  I was a cheerleader for years.  And I alway cheered for myself.  Some people thought that it was strange; because I would always do it out loud.  But it kept me going.  No matter how high the odds were stacked against me, I felt I had nothing to lose. I would sometimes imagine my team of Angels cheering for me.  Early in my business I would celebrate small things like creating a data base in Microsoft Office Access or doing my first business flyers.  You could never pat yourself on the back too many times.  I’ve heard the saying, ‘Don’t celebrate too soon’.  Why not?  If you don’t win today there’s always tomorrow.  In football, the crowd celebrates every yard gained.  And we can too.  So play hard!  And remember, no matter how far you’re looking down the field; keep running!

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