This is Women’s History Month!

by | Mar 2, 2010 | Everything Else | 0 comments

As we celebrate Women’s History we will reflect on the past and the present.  But I hope we will spend more time on the future.  How will we improve our world for the women to come? We out number men.  We can think about more than one thing at a time. We do more physically than men by multi-tasking.  And there are more single female headed households in America.  Why are men still running everything?  We need to prepare our young girls to compete, lead, and excel in politics and business.  We will only change things if we are responsible for policies in government and if we are on the boards of major corporations.

The young women and girls today are more outspoken and daring.  But they need our help and guidance.  Find a way to contribute in your community, local and state government, schools, churches, and charities to help women.  We can’t depend on men to tell us who we are and where we should be going.  It’s the future of women that will influence and shape our world!

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