Everyone would agree that women do everything, literally, for everyone else but themselves.  So why not give us a bailout?  Women are the backbone of our communities and churches.  And we deserve some special attention.  Here are the items to be included in the Women Do Everything Bailout Plan:

  1. Dinner & Drinks (for Girl’s Night Out)                 $100.00
  2. Housekeeper and Nanny (1 week)                  $1500.00
  3. Car Detailed, New Tires, and Maintenance        $900.00
  4. Hair Cut & Style, Manicure, and Pedicure           $350.00
  5. Deep Tissue 2-hour Massage                             $200.00
  6. Mini Shopping Spree*                                         $500.00 
  7. Personal Assistant (1 week)**                         $1000.00
  8. Peace and Quite***                                           priceless

Total:  $4550.00 (A drop in the bucket compared to the execs on Wall Street)

*You can only buy items for yourself.

**Your personal assistant will take all calls, organize your office and home, and run all errands for 40 hours during that week.

***You are not to be bothered by anyone; especially your husband and kids.

Warning!  All the women in the U.S. are not allowed to take the same week.  Nothing in our country would get done.  Women should coordinate their week off with their employers and families.

Okay, maybe it’s not a bailout.  But it is a stimulus plan.  If we had all the items included in this plan, we would be stimulated to do a whole lot more.  Everybody knows that when Mama’s happy; everybody’s happy!

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