Michelle Obama Gardening?

by | Apr 12, 2009 | First Ladies, Home, WDE: Inspire Me! | 0 comments

I am so excited about our first lady.  She is such a great role model!  I, among many, were shocked to see her working in the dirt at the White House in a new garden.  There has not been a vegetable and herb garden at the White House since Eleanor Rooservelt.  During World War I and World War II the United States government asked citizens to plant gardens to help with the war.  Over 20 million gardens were planted in 1943.  Victory gardens would not only help you financially but they are great for the environment as well.

Earth Day is April 22.  And I am looking for a way to start helping clean up our environment.  So I will be planting my own Victory Garden on Earth Day.  Go to www.revivevictorygarden.org to get information on starting your own.  Plant a tree, start a garden, donate time and/or money to non-profits that are participating as well.  Help save our planet!

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