I spent an hour and half trying to get balls into this hole.  Today was my second golf lesson.  I have a greater appreciation for women that play golf; it’s challenging.  My instructor, Mr. Lewis, is extremely patient and  I guess he has to be.  He is teaching five women how to play golf at the same time.  Golf really works your core muscles.  I wasn’t sure this would be something I would like, but I decided to learn to play because my son plays with First Tee Atlanta.  He is sixteen and it’s hard to find things we enjoy together.  He doesn’t like shopping and I don’t like watching sports.  He loves the game of golf and playing chess.  Chess is too boring; so I chose to play golf.  And I surprisingly like it!  Golf is deeper than I thought it would be.  It takes another level of consciousness to be good.  You have to stay focused.  I can feel it, before I swing, when something is not right.  I can’t explain it.  You have to analyze and calculate so many things to position yourself the right way and get the ball in the hole.  Golf reminds me of being in business.  Mr. Lewis told us that golf is not about how far you can hit the ball.  The main goal is to get the ball in the hole with the least number of strokes.  He also said that the game is won or loss around the green.  I was starting to get confused.  Today we were told to get the ball out of the rough(apron), onto the green, and in the hole in two strokes.  I thought he forgot that this was the beginners class.:) He told us that it could take a person five strokes, or more, on the green to get the ball in the hole.  Well, I did it in two!  I did it only once, but I did it!  I felt so empowered when the ball went in.  I did the victory dance because I couldn’t yell out loud.  Now I understand why people love golf.  Everything is on you.  If you are looking for a new hobby or you need a fun way to get some exercise; try golf.  Playing golf gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself with or without someone playing with you.  

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