It’s Cold Outside!

by | Dec 11, 2010 | Home | 2 comments

I think the cold is finally here to stay! The week of Thanksgiving we had temperatures ranging from the upper 50’s to 70 degrees. I couldn’t believe it! I usually put plastic on my windows in November but it was too warm. And now I know we won’t see 60 degrees for awhile, I’m weatherizing my house. We you weatherize your home you not only save money you make your home comfortable. And I love the feel of a comfortable home! I’m a busy mom and I have alot of windows. So I do a few windows a day. Just go to the your local home improvement store and ask for the plastic that you shrink with a blow dryer. When you do it right you can’t tell there’s plastic on the windows! If it doesn’t turn out just right this year, trust me it gets better. Tip: Use electric scissors to cut off the excess once you’re finished shrinking all the wrinkles out. Yes, I blowdry it until every wrinkle is out! I’m a perfectionist. What can I say? The cost for 5 large windows is around $7. Depending on the width of your windows you can sometimes do two with what they allow for one. I’ve had people tell me that the two-sided tap doesn’t stick. You should always clean the around the window where the tap will be with a good all-purpose cleaner. The tape needs a good clean surface to stick to. I do the inside of my windows. And I use caulk around the frame of the window to seal the window when needed. In addition to the plastic I change all my curtains to the heavier thermal curtains. When you go to buy them make sure you ask for the thermal curtains. This will also help keep the heat in and the cold out. Starting with your windows will make your home feel comfy. You’ll start saving energy immediately which lowers your heating costs.

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