Is it a man’s world?

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According to the U.S. Census, women out number men.  Money magazine reports that women make over 80% of all purchasing decisions in the home.  Women have also shattered glass ceilings in almost every profession.  Knowing all of this, it is hard to believe that there are so many women still allowing men to treat them like disposable baby wipes.  Yesterday, David Lettermen, admitted to having sex with women that worked for him on the show.  He said it like it was nothing.  There was laughter after every comment.  I was thinking, “Is he serious?” The announcement and apology should have been delivered in a serious manner.   We have seen over the years, some men in powerful positions involved in sex scandals with women that work under them.  These men are politicians, corporate executives, entertainers, clergymen, and pimps on the street.  There is no difference!  I can remember when older women would give the younger women advice on the job, in church, at school, and in our communities on the “proper” way to act.  But today, it’s not just the young women that are acting inappropriately. We need to advise each other.  Never assume that woman knows how an inappropriate relationship in the workplace will affect her reputation.  When the affair is exposed the woman’s reputation will be tarnished; not the man’s.  A woman should always think twice before entering into a relationship with her boss, coworkers, or employees.  Being in a male dominated field, like television, it is important to keep your reputation as clean as possible.  My grandmother, Mary Ann, once told me that a woman can’t do everything a man can do and still be respected.  She said, “That’s just how the world is; a man’s world.”  I didn’t believe her; and now I question my belief.

Update:  Check out this interview that was on the Today Show!

Following TV host David Lettermans admission that he had sexual relationships with female staffers, psychiatrist Gail Saltz and Nicole Williams, author of Girl on Top, discuss whether work romances are appropriate

Are office romances out of bounds?

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