Everyone in the world knows that there is a major upset over the recent presidential election in Iran.  But did you know that on the front lines are women?  Yes, women!  This is a country where women can’t work unless their husbands say so.  I could not believe how many things women are forbidden to do.  Iran believes in educating women.  Over 65% of the students in the universities are women.  How would you like to spend four years in college, graduate, and marry a man that refuses to allow you to work? Crazy!

WDE would like to commend you for your intellegence and your bravery.  Today and until the revolution is over, I will wear a green ribbon around my wrist in recognition of your struggle.  We also ask that for everyone’s girls night out you order a green apple martini and toast to the women of Iran.  Raise your glass ladies, change is now!

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