I hope everyone had a great Earth Day.  Earth Day should be every day!  There were so many activities held and personal goals set yesterday.  I really hope that we all start trying to improve our earth in some type of way.  I started the whole “going green” thing with my electrical contracting company in 2003.  We don’t throw lights bulbs or  fluorescent lamps in the trash.  We recycle batteries and ballasts.  We also help our customers use more energy efficient light bulbs, appliances, and equipment.  I made the same electrical improvements at home.  But now my goals are more aggressive!  The 2009 goals are to start recycling more, maintaining my herb garden, and to help educate other women on making it a lifestyle as I do the same.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment on this blog.  No one  knows it all.  And to save this precious earth, that I believe God has blessed us with; will take everyone doing something.  So please encourage others to take small steps.  Every little bit will help.  As the “official” nurturers of the plant, we have to instill in our children and family the importance of saving our earth.  This is not saying that men don’t nurture.  This blog is not about you!  I know, as women ,we wear many hats.  And here’s one more to put in your coat closet.  Women are known to be the cornerstone of the family and our communities.  And our children are watching us.  You don’t need to be a mom to qualify.  So join me, among many other women, take on the responsibility of improving our environment.  They say, ‘The best man for the job is a woman’!

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