Yes, that’s what I asked the mechanic; knowing that I had neglected my poor car.  When are they going to build a car that I can have serviced every two years?  I just want to get in it and go!  When I lived in Mississippi ten years ago, I would pay an extra .20 a gallon to get full service at the gas station.  The man would wash your windshield, pump your gas, check your fluids, check your tire pressure, and look good while doing it.  Today, you can’t find a full service station anywhere.  I don’t mind paying the extra if they’re going to take care of me like that.  I don’t like to pump gas anyway!

Well, I’ve decided to embrace taking better care of my car.  So I went to; automotive advice for women.  I’m a ‘Patty’ too.  Patty is any woman that wants to know more about buying cars and/or car maintenance.  Even if you have a man in your life; you need to know some basics yourself.  Proper maintenance will reduce or eliminate costly car repairs.  And having the right tire pressure will help with gas mileage and the environment.  I’m going to work on doing some things myself.  However, for the big jobs, I can’t resist watching a dirty, tall, dark and handsome man do the work for me!

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