I was so overwelmed with pride and joy over President Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court.  Yes, the highest court in the land will have its first Hispanic judge.  And it’s a woman.  I was in tears watching a brief video of her humble beginings and miraculous achievements.  She is a great role model for our young people.  You can grow up with the odds against you and still rise to the top.

We need another woman in the Supreme Court anyway.  I know the GOP will try to destroy her.  But we, as women, must stand behind her and support this nomination.  They’re trying to judge her already over statements that she made in 2001.  A few statements will not tarnish her entire career and disqualify her as far as I’m concerned.  Actions speak louder than words.  Judge Sotmayor’s struggle and determination to get where she is now speaks loud enough!

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