Bigelow went home with Oscar!

by | Mar 8, 2010 | Social | 0 comments

As she held Oscar tightly I could feel her excitement!  What was Kathryn Bigelow really thinking as she took the walk up those stairs to receive her award for Best Director?  Was she thinking about the 25 years she’s worked her but off to be noticed as a great director?  Was she thinking about all the women in film and television that were crying and yelling “It’s about time!” Or was she thinking about all the little girls that will choose to be a director because they see a woman can produce, compete, and win in the film industry?  The Hurt Locker won six awards including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.  In the 82-year history of the Oscars a woman has never won Best Director.  Bigelow is a pioneer in the male-dominated world of action movies as well as the film industry.  You can believe the guys didn’t role out the red carpet for her when she became a director.  I can’t help but to imagine the doors that were shut in her face and how she was treated.

Kathryn Bigelow says that she would rather be considered a film-maker rather than a female film-maker.  Bigelow has changed the game in the film industry.  And even though she has resisted gloating about her win over her ex-husband Cameron, I know it had to feel good! This blog post is dedicated to my fellow members of WIFTA (Women In Film and Television Atlanta) as well as other chapters around the world.  Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar nomination and award was a win for all of us!

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