a strong, intelligent, capable, and incredibly great woman!  Tonight I watched Barbara Walters’ interview with First Lady Jenny Sanford. The lives, education, accomplishments and past careers of the wives of politicians are not mentioned after the election is won.  First Lady Sanford was his campaign manager every time her husband ran for office.   Her campaign strategy was responsible for winning his elections.

Jenny Sanford was an investment banker on Wall Street before she was married.  Her boss said that she was one of the pioneering women that trail blazed a way for other women on Wall Street.  She has been married for 20 years while raising four sons and is currently the First Lady of South Carolina. She is now a author.  Her book, “Staying True”, is about her life with her husband Governor Mark Sanford.

I will purchase her book.  I’m not particularly intersted in the details of her marriage.  I want to support her.  If there was a rule book she would’t have broken one rule.  She has done what many women do.  We work, raise our children, support our husbands, and we still find time to help others.  Jenny is a strong woman and I have no doubt she’ll make it through for herself and her children.

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