Today I was a passenger on the Crescent; Amtrak train #20.  The Crescent travels back and forth from New York to New Orleans daily.  I boarded the train in Meridian, Ms on my way to Atlanta.  As I began to get on the train, a woman in an Amtrak uniform approached me to stamp my ticket.  She noticed that we had the same last name.  I asked her what was her position, without looking at her name tag.  She proudly said, “I’m the Conductor!”.  I have been a passenger of this train countless times.  And I have never met a female Conductor.  I was so excited.  I began to read all of the brochures in my sleeper cabin and found the job descriptions of the staff.  The Conductor is responsible for the entire On-Board Services staff as well as ticket collection, the safety of passengers and the safe operation of the train.  My trip was a little nicer this time.  I have an enormous amount of pride and respect for Conductor Hicks.  I want to commend Amtrak for promoting women to this position.  And I encourage women to consider railroad careers.  I was more at ease knowing that a woman was in charge!

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